Engineering Services

Using a combination of our own manufacturing technology both in the UK and overseas along with our global network of approved partners we provide several engineering services on a sub-contract basis. 

All of our service partners are subject to regular audits and carry the appropriate approvals for the market sectors they operate in.

X-Ray Inspection

Non-destructive testing is an essential element in maintaining safe and continuous operations in any sector. We can aid with both standard and advanced NDT tasks ranging from short runs to extended production runs.

CT Scanning

If you need to reduce bottlenecks or add short term measurement capacity then independent third party inspection might be the ideal solution. CT scanning technology requires a large capital investment so third party outsourcing requires no investment. 

CMM Inspection

From product validation to ongoing product measurement our CMM measurement services can handle a vast array of components in all shapes, sizes and volumes.

CMM Programming

Whether you are experiencing time, labour or financial constraints, we can help. ICS provide several options when it comes to CMM programming, our experts utilise the latest technology to deliver an outstanding service. 

CMM Calibration

Our UKAS accredited calibration service takes us beyond the standard CMM certifications available across the industry. All calibrations come with a certificate that is both traceable and recognisable as the best industry standard calibration available.

CAD Generation

We are a CAD services provider specializing in modelling services, conversion services and drafting services. For all CAD design and drafting services, outsource it to our team- we’re here to help!

3D Scanning

Our engineers have an extensive knowledge in the field of 3D scanning. We guarantee high quality 2D & 3D scanning projects, within short lead times and at competitive prices. We scan to high accuracy, up to 10 microns and can accommodate projects of almost any size and volume. 

First Article Reports

Our First Article Inspection Report (FAIR): provides a full dimensional inspection report that will highlight any dimensions that fall outside the tolerance range. We record the first article digitally and with the help of software that keeps track of the FAIs we can generate reports (FAIR) immediately after successful completion of an FAI. 

Casting Simulation

Our casting simulation services  help you produce a casting which is always “right first time” Our software It simulates casting behaviour during manufacture. It predicts potential defects and quality issues and helps you to optimise your casting process and product design.

Reverse Engineering

We are familiar with working with legacy components which have seen service for many years.  These parts are often worn out and require replacements but original drawings have been lost. Perhaps  the design features of the component need applying to the modern day equivalent product.

Kiln Overhaul and Repair

There isn’t much our specialist team of engineers haven’t seen when it comes to kilns, our services range from a complete kiln rebuild to simple repairs or replacements of key items

Core Finishing

ICS provide a subcontract ceramic core finishing service like no other in the world, our highly experienced team uses only the best equipment and we turn products around in a matter of days.

Core Impregnation

ICS provide a range of solutions when it comes to ceramic core impregnation services, we offer 3 different types of impregnation that is performed using state of the art equipment.

Core Waxing

Whether you are experiencing time, labour or skills restraints, we can help. ICS provide rapid turnaround on ceramic cores that require prepping prior to wax injection or transportation.  

Ceramic Core Leaching

ICS provide a range of options when it comes to ceramic core leaching services. We have helped several foundries all over the world with short run support or ongoing requirements. 

Isostatic Pressing

ICS provide HIP services primarily to the investment casting industry. Products that we have supplied include  medical implants, ceramics, titanium, super alloys, and several blade and vane products for the Aerospace and Gas Turbine sector.

Blade and Vane Coating

ICS have literally thousands of hours of industry experience at our fingertips.
Your surface property challenge is what we live and breathe, bring us your worst and we’ll show you our best! 


Using a diverse network of machine centres ICS are able to provide a world class contract precision machining service. We have so far complete projects for the Aerospace and Motorsport sectors.

Turbine Blade Machining

ICS provide a world class service when it comes to turbine blade machining. The benefits of working with ICS are simple:  short lead times, competitive prices and amazing after care service. All machining operations are completed on state of the art equipment with only the best machine tools.