Aquaflame machines are ideal for use in investment casting wax rooms for several joining and cleaning operations.

The system is operated with a hydrogen torch that produces a cleaner wax assembly that leads to a reduction of inclusions in cast parts.

Using of a flame to clean up and seal wax assemblies has several advantages over a hot knife and hot spatula systems as it generates much less smoke, melts the wax instead of burning which improves the wax room environment. In addition to this it is quicker, easier, and more effective than a hot knife or hot spatula because it is more precise and more controllable.

Aquaflame can perform the following tasks:

  • Joining small to medium sized wax patterns to runner systems
  • Creating smooth radial joints
  • Filling in small holes, undercuts and smoothing out of rough areas.
  • Eliminates and smooths out flow lines
SpecificationModel 500Model 800Model 1200
Gas Production Ratio 75 L/hr120 L/hr240 L/hr
Water Consumption 30 ml per day50 ml per day100 ml per day
Max Operating Temperature 330 °C330 °C330 °C
Max Flame Tip Size0.60 mm0.90 mm1.0 mm
Dimensions of Unit400 x 200 x 300 mm400 x 280 x 370 mm440 x 320 x 395 mm
Weight18 kg33 kg49 kg
Capacity1 Operator2 Operators4 Operators


  • Torch tips
  • Filling kit
  • Long reach tips
  • Second operator kit
  • Torch lighter
  • Torch handles
  • Neoprene tube
  • Gas booster
  • Trolley stand

As well as the main systems and accessories we also provide servicing and maintenance options and unlike other service providers we provide loan equipment during any service to minimise your downtime.