Ceramic Core Injection Machines

Ceramic Core Injection Machine CTSA

All of our ceramic core injection machines combine high quality engineering and cutting-edge design features, ensuring high productivity and efficiency.

All ceramic contact parts are hardened for prolonged life. Our ceramic core injection machines are available in 6T/12T/ 20T/35T/50T and 150T with injection shot sizes up to 10 Lts.

The operating costs of our ceramic core injection machines are very low due to the machines speed, versatility, low energy consumption, ease of maintenance and ability to accurately control ceramic core material temperatures.

Standard Features:

  • C-Frame Design
  • X-Z settable side injection nozzle
  • Hardened contact points for prolonged machine life
  • Easy seal replacement
  • Material Stirrer
  • Reliable electro-hydraulics package
  • T-Slotted plattens for quick die clamping.
  • Platen Cooling
  • HMI Touch Panel
  • Self-Diagnostics