Ceramic Core Leaching Autoclave

The CDS-50P ceramic core leaching autoclave provides the ideal solution for the safe and reliable removal of ceramic cores and shell material from investment castings. The CDS-50P allows for the removal of ceramic core and shell materials in the shortest possible time with no risk to the cast component.

All units are PLC controlled and operated via a HMI touch screen.

The Process

Castings are placed into baskets and lowered into the pressure vessel which is filled with an aqueous caustic solution. The pressure and temperature are increased, and the process begins. The cycle time depends on the ceramic composition, component geometry, leachant concentration, temperature, and the pressure the components are subjected to.

World Class Service:

  • All our machines come with comprehensive LNTech support services.
  • Spare parts for the CDS-50P are readily available worldwide.
  • The CDS-50P is supplied with a comprehensive instruction, service and installation manual.
  • The service section of the user’s manual gives the details of all replacement parts including the suppliers name and part number.
  • For customers considering investing in the CDS-50P we can provide test runs at no cost assuming castings are supplied free of charge.
  • We offer worldwide installation and commissioning services.
Maximum ConcentrationsKOH = 40% and NaOH = 30%
OperationBatch Operation
Maximum Load250 kg
Maximum Working Pressure20 kg/cm2
Maximum Working Temperature200 °C
Heating Rate100 °C per hour
Vessel Construction MaterialNickel
Autoclave Vessel SizeD600 x 1100 mm
Heating SystemElectric Annual Ceramic Heaters
Wax Tank Capacity750 L
Control SystemPLC
OperationHMI Touch Screen
Casting Basket MaterialInconel