SD470 Steam Dewaxing Autoclave

Our SD470 Steam Dewaxing Autoclave quickly and efficiently removes waxes and 3D printed patterns from ceramic shells.

The De-wax autoclave is the most reliable and cost-effective process for large production runs, TheSD470 is available in a 750 x 1000 mm with a 50 Kw boiler, 900 x 1200 mm system with a 90 kW boiler or a 1200 x 200 mm system with a 126 kW boiler.

The sizes above are also available in a modular design without boilers.

Key Features

  • Quick lock door mechanism
  • All moving parts are manufactured using hardened steel
  • All moving parts are heat treated and precision machined.
  • Viton rubber door seals
  • The autoclave and accumulator are insulated using high quality ceramic fibre blanket
  • Steam is directed away from ceramic shells to ensure the integrity of the ceramic shell is maintained.
  • The system operates a double redundancy safety feature for both pressure and temperature.

Optional Feature

Automatic autoclave operation feature is possible as an optional feature, a PLC and HMI touch panel control the dewax process of the autoclave, the operator loads the ceramic shells into the bask and initiates the dewax cycle using the touch panel.

System TypeFront Loading Horizontal Vessel
Max Working Pressure10.5 kg / sqcm
Continous Working Pressure8 kg / sqcm
Working Temperature185°C
Pressure SystemSteam
Available Machine Sizes750 x 1000 mm | 900 x 1250 mm | 1200 x 2000 mm
Available Boiler Power Ratings50 Kw | 90 Kw | 150 Kw
Machine OperationPLC and HMI
Door DesignQuick Lock Door Design
Door SealsExtruded Viton Rubber
InsulationCeramic Fibre Blanket