Gas Flash Dewax System

Our gas flash Dewax system allows you to complete your Dewax, wax recovery and burnout of your ceramic shell in a single operation. 

The pre-heating of ceramic shells is possible with add-on features. Shells with rapid prototype patterns are easily processed and our equipment allows you to recover 90% of your waxes

Design FeatureSpecification
ProcessBatching Process
Dewax Time15 – 20 mins
Hot Section Volume1000 x 1500 x 900 mm
Shell Basket Dimensions800 x 1200 mm
Operating Temperature600 – 1200 °C
Control SystemPLC and HMI
Door SystemPneumatic, Foot Pedal and Hand Lever
Fuel SystemLPG or PNG
Total Wax Load20 kgs
Wax Recovery Rate ⋝ 90%
Machine OperationPLC and HMI

It is possible to design bespoke gas flash dewax systems to match your precise requirements