Robotic Ceramic Core and Shell Removal

High pressure waterjet blasting is the ideal solution for ceramic shell and ceramic core removal within investment castings.  

Waterjetting  provides a clean, safe and repeatable process for aluminum, steel, titanium, and superalloy ceramic core and shell removal.

Why Automated Water Jetting?

Combines Several Processes

Through the use of the Aquarese system it is possible to combine ceramic core and shell removal into a single operation. 


The Aquarese system only uses water, This enable improved working conditions, removes the need for hazardous operations  such as chemical leaching or manual cleaning. 

Preserves Part Geometry

The precise system used ensures the preservation of delicate parts including those with thin wall section and sharp edges.

Consistent Performance

Heavily optimised and proven process parameters combined with robotics  ensure consistent quality and performance.

Improved Productivity

Through the use of automation and robotic technology the Aquarese solution requires less manpower than traditional core and shell removal processes. 

Improve Safety

The Aquarese system removes ceramic core and shell materials with minimal noise. It also significantly reduces the contact between the operator the water jet and the product. 

Water Jet Blasting for Ceramic Shell and Ceramic Core Removal

The Aquarese shell and ceramic core removal system is fully automated and removes 99% or more of the shell in a single operation – eliminating chemical leaching, manual waterblasting, and bead blasting.

High pressure water can be tuned to perform shell knock-out and core removal in a single operation while preserving fragile features such as thin wall sections and sharp edges leaving the base material undamaged. 

The result is a process that eliminates chemicals and toxic waste, while significantly improving your overall productivity.

Aquarese offers several ceramic shell removal  models for for high-volume, high-mix, and extra-large castings.

The Aquarese water jetting system can also be used to perform the following operations

Waterjet De-Gating – Waterjet cutting provides advantages in safety, material removal rates and automated operations compared to manual or semi-automated disk cutting processes.

Waterjet Leveling – Waterjet safely eliminates grinding with limited operator involvement – keeps those hands off the parts and out of harms way! 

Surface Stripping – From removal of soft and hard deposits including thermal barrier coatings, to resins, adhesives, rubbers, and more,