Shell Room Equipment

We supply the complete range of shell room equipment from rain sanders to fully automated shelling systems.

As well as our standard range of equipment we also supply bespoke equipment unique to your specifications and requirements.

Shell Room Equipment

Primary Slurry Mixer

Our primary slurry mixers are used to formulate and thoroughly mix shell room investment slurry. The horizontal barrel design is preferred for primary slurry mixing as it can subject the slurry to continuous mixing action without any heat build up. The single drum has capacities of up to 600 kg of slurry depending on density.

Secondary Slurry Mixer

Our shell room secondary slurry mixer is a simple, single vertical conical drum provided with a retractable, variable  speed mixing blade. The blade design ensures hi-shearing forces to ensure sufficient agitation within the slurry. The single drum can accommodate up to 600 kg at 75% usable volume of the vessel. 

Slurry Transfer Pump

Our portable slurry transfer pumps are used to directly pump prepared slurry to the slurry storage tanks or to the dipping tanks within the shell room. This mobile pump can be used to transfer slurries of different compositions to different tanks with intermittent washes around your facility.

Slurry Pots

Our shell room dipping pots are a rotating drum type tank, which rotates against a fixed baffle located within the inner periphery of the tank. The tank comes with a removable polypropylene lining. The slurry pots are available in diameters of 60 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm.

Fluidised Beds

Our fluidised bed gives a uniform coating and high stucco efficiency ideal for your shell room. The fluidising beds have a dust suction ring to ensure optimised  dust removal during operation. Available in 60 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm diameters.

Rain Sander

Our rotary rain sanders produce a uniform sand rain in which the slurry dipped wax cluster is manipulated to obtain a uniform coating of the refractory particles on the cluster. Our system allows uniform rain with minimum sand, vibration and little to no spillage of materials. Available in 100 cm and 180 cm diameters.

Automated Shell System

Our automated shell system completes a significant number of processes starting from lifting the wax clusters from the trolley or suspen­sion chain. Our system completely replaces the traditional manual shell making operation.

Dry Conveyor Line

Our conveyor line is an accumulative and release type hanging system. The linear loading limit on each line is in excess of 5 tons. If you are short on floor space then we can supply multi-level conveyor systems as each system can be tailor made to suit your existing floor space requirements. 

Dry Rail Line

The body of the drying system is made using stainless steel, encompassing a multi-layer design that increases space utilization. The length of the line and the number of hanging rods can be customised according to customer requirements. The standard system can accommodate a maximum shell size of 500 mm x 450 mm.