Wax Injection Machines

Our range of wax injection equipment includes C-Frame injection machines, Twin station wax injection machines, Automatic wax injection machines, Wax sprue extruders, Wax runner casting systems and a range of Wax melters..

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Wax Injection Machines

Technical specification sheets for all of our wax injection machines are available upon request

Wax Injection Machines

Our wax injection equipment range includes a range of injection machines with C-Frame design and can be supplied from 5 – 150 ton. All of our machines come with 5 zone temperature control systems, an auto positioning horizontal nozzle, T-Slots for easy die clamping, hydraulic pattern ejectors and water cooled platens. 

Twin Wax Injection Machine

The ICSCZ twin station wax injection machines have a clamp force between 10 – 15 tons. The position of the nozzle can be adjusted to suit the mould position. Each machine is fitted with its own stirrer. The left and right stations are operated with one wax melter, however each station can be operated independently.

Automatic Wax Injection

We supply a range of fully automatic wax injection equipment including automatic wax injection machines, ideal for items such as turbo wheels and small high volume wax patterns. This system allows there to be very little operator intervention and delivers significant productivity improvements.

Wax Sprue Extruder

Our wax sprue extruder produces wax cutlets in long lengths of various cross sectional sizes. The wax cutlet’s can be fed at room temperature. Filled and unfilled waxes can be processed. It is also possible to extrude hollow tubular sections with the appropriate tooling.

Wax Runner Casting System

Our wax runner makers produce runner bars required for the clustering of wax patterns into a finished assembly. The system produces runner bars by gravity casting with full length inserts to minimise wax consumption. This process can produce up to 60 runners per hour. 

Wax Melters

All of our wax melters are equipped with an Aluminium drip melter with 30Kg capacity fitted at the top of the conditioning tank. Wax can be added in slab or pellet form. Melting rates of 10 kg/Hr and 15 kg/Hr are available with tank capacity ranging from 100 – 250 kg.