Wax Pattern 3D Printers

For over 60 years 3ntr have been providing class leading manufacturing solutions.

The development of the zWax material coupled with the developments in the 3ntr printing system allows our customers to remove the expense of wax pattern injection moulding tooling.

The range of advanced software, equipment and proven materials allows customers to delivery castings at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional investment casting methods.

Why use additive manufacturing for wax pattern manufacture?

• Create stronger and more reliable patterns
• Build complex patterns easily
• Significantly reduce lead time
• Develop new parts and prototypes quickly and easily
• Reduce costs
• Iterate designs quickly
• Improve existing part designs

Why select the 3ntr system as your wax pattern printing solution?

• Proven raw materials
• Hundreds of 3ntr 3D printers installed and operational all over the world
• High volume capability with the spectral system
• Open software
• Competitively priced
• Continuous remote monitoring
• Extensive reporting

Wax Pattern 3D Printers


The A4v4 has a working envelope of 295 x 295 x 200 mm, 0.011mm mechanical precision and the ability to 3D print complex wax patterns. The A4v4 is suitable for both the shop-floor and your research and development laboratory.


The A2v4 has a working envelope of 600 x 300 x 500 mm. Constructed with stainless steel components and resilient manufacturing controls for 24/7 performance. This machine prints zWAX like no other.


The Spectral system has 4 nozzles and a printing envelope of 300 x 300 x 300 mm and a fully automated nozzle and plate levelling system with positioning accuracy of 0.005 mm. The Spectral is optimised for high volume wax pattern production. The Spectral comes as standard with 4 Vento drying units, a high-powered liquid cooling system, 10″ touch screen, jam detection and end of spool detection.

Dryers and Filtration Systems

Storm Modular Drying Unit

The Storm drying unit is the perfect match to our wax pattern 3D printers. The Storm drying unit combines all the functions that are required for uninterrupted service into one sleek package.

Vento Compact Drying Unit

The Vento compact drying unit is the ideal partner to our 3D wax pattern printers. The drying profiles deliver excellent results in the shortest time with a minimal amount of energy. The easy-to-use touch screen gives you real time monitoring of your drying parameters. The system has a built-in NFC reader to automatically set optimal drying parameters.

F1 Filtering Unit

The F1 filtering unit is fitted with an industrial HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. This device cuts most emissions for a safer workplace. The F1 units are compatible with all the A2 and A4 3D printers and fitting a filtering unit is done in a matter of minutes.

WAX Material

Low Ash Content

Why invest in expensive wax pattern tooling when you can produce 3D printed single parts and optimise designs using our zWAX investment casting material? zWAX material is your ideal investment casting partner with low ash content, high melting point and respectable mechanical characteristics.

Alloy Compatible

zWAX makes it possible to produce wax patterns compatible with a broad range of metals and alloys. zWax material is used to manufacture castings for several end use market sectors including, aerospace, industrial gas turbine and automotive.

Existing Processes

zWax 3D printable wax material delivers the same (if not better) melt out characteristics of standard casting waxes. The zWAX material drops seamlessly into existing investment casting processes.