Metal Casting Consultancy Services

Investment Casting Supplies builds, improves, challenges, and develops your metal casting technical and manufacturing capability and precision casting technology. Our team of experienced metal casting experts provide a comprehensive range of metal casting consultancy services ranging from resolving specific product issues to designing and implementing new foundries capable of producing a range of  castings in a broad range of materials.

The Team

The investment casting consultancy team at Investment Casting Supplies Ltd have a combined experience of over 300 years. Having worked for several premium investment casting manufacturers including Rolls Royce, PCC, Howmet and Precicast you can be assured that the team at Investment Casting Supplies Ltd have seen it all.   


The consultancy team at Investment Casting Supplies have provided consultancy services all over the world from simple product improvements to full foundry set ups. Support has been successfully delivered in the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, USA, China and Taiwan.    

Market Sectors

Investment Casting Supplies Ltd have delivered consultancy services on a range of product applications including; Medical, Structural Aerospace, Turbine Blades, Automotive, Marine and various other commercial applications.

Consultancy Services

Product and Process Design

Tooling Design

Tooling Manufacture

Feasibility Studies

Casting Simulation

Method Engineering

Process Control

Raw Material Control

Casting Qualification

Casting Inspection

Scrap Reduction

Technology Upgrades

Lean Manufacturing

Equipment Sourcing

Productivity Improvements

Root Cause Analysis

Process Training

Project Management

Cost Reduction


Surface Treatments

Welding Support

MRP/ERP Installation