3D Printed Ceramic Cores

3D Printed Ceramic Cores

We have the capability to rapidly supply very challenging ceramic cores, ranging from cores used to make complex cooling passages in airfoils, to cores used to make oil flow channels in large housings. We can supply cores that cannot be made with traditional injection moulding techniques.  

Ceramic Cores

The designs of ceramic cores have grown increasingly complex in many aerospace and commercial casting applications. Our 3D printing process allows to produce cores that are not possible through traditional manufacturing techniques.


Our 3D printed ceramic cores are manufactured using a proprietary blend of material that include compositions of silica, zircon, and alumina which have been optimised for the 3D printing and sintering of ceramic cores. 

Market Sectors

We have successfully supplied 3D printed ceramic cores to a variety of customers for several end use applications including, Aerospace, Defence, Industrial Gas Turbine, Medical and Oil and Gas.

Printing Capability

Our 3D printed cores are manufacturing used the very latest  in high-precision 3D printing technology. These systems are capable of producing  both small and large-scale ceramic cores ranging in size from 2 to 50 cm with intricate features as small as 0.5 mm.


All of our 3D printed ceramic cores are sintered and fired using very finely controlled parameters and bespoke high temperature sintering furniture. Each sintering profile is optimised based on the required geometry.

Post Processing

As well as 3D printing and sintering, we posses the capability to provide a wide range of post sintering processes including ceramic core impregnation, non-contact measurement and  first article inspection reports.