Abrasive Products and Systems

Investment Casting Supplies stocks a vast range of abrasive materials that are used in the finishing of investment castings. The range of abrasive products includes grinding wheels, blasting media, grits, abrasive belts, paper, and various files. We supply everything you could possibly need to create beautifully finished investment castings effortlessly.

We consider ourselves one of the better abrasive suppliers because:

  1. We sell direct to you and don’t refer you to anyone else.
  2. We take a flexible approach to pricing.
  3. We know our products and are happy to share our product and applications advice.
  4. We provide superb value for money, passing on volume discounts when we can.
  5. We maintain stock levels in our UK warehouse based on your consumption levels.

Our range of abrasives and abrasive tools includes:

  • Diamond Cutting, Grinding and Polishing
  • Solid Carbide Micro Drills
  • Diamond Flat Files
  • Diamond Needle Files
  • Sandpaper Stick System
  • Flexi Files
  • Diamond Drill Bits and Accessories
  • Metal Cutting, Grinding Disks and Wheels
  • Sanding Disks
  • Belts and Sleeve Belts
  • Spirabands and Sanding Sleeves
  • Polishing Products
  • Small Burrs Tips and Points
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Carbide Saw Blades
  • Tube Sanding and Finishing Abrasive Machine
  • Multi-Purpose Abrasive Machine
  • ICS Easy Machine for Hard to Reach Fillets and Corners

Please contact us for more information or a quotation.