Ceramic Filters

Investment Casting Supplies provides a vast range of ceramic filters to the investment and precision casting sector, ceramic filters are critical for the optimum filtering of metals and alloys as well as controlling flow rates.

All of our filters are manufactured to very tight tolerances that results in improved metal filtering, reduced turbulence and improvments in flow rate control.
Filters supplied by Investment Casting Supplies are proven to reduce inclusions in even the most complex investment castings.

Several different manufacturing techniques are used to produce our range of ceramic filters and only the very best of raw materials are used.

Our range of filters includes:

  • Ceramic Foam Filters in Alumina, Zircon and Silicon Carbide
  • 3D Printed Ceramic Filters
  • Strainer Filters
  • Honeycomb Filters

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Ceramic Foam Filters

Ceramic foam filters are critical for the optimum filtering of steel and steel alloys up to temperatures of 1700 °C. As well as our standard product list below we have the capability to provide bespoke designs. 

3D Printed Filters

Our 3D-printed filters provide a consistent flow system and a material cleanliness that is not achievable with conventional ceramic foam filters. 

Strainer Filters

We have over 50 strainer filter configurations have been developed to meet customer requirements, our strainer filters are manufactured from  high grade mullite material that can be used with steel, gray and ductile iron.

Honeycomb Filters

Our honeycomb ceramic filters are used to remove impurities from metals. As they withstand  extremely high temperatures, their use in foundry and investment casting processes continues to be essential.