Ceramic Pouring Cups

Our ceramic pouring cups are often the cup of choice for many investment casters. 

ICS pouring cups are manufacturing in a high grade mullite material that is used in several investment and precision casting applications.

All pouring cups supplied by ICS are monitored for dimensional control, surface finish and trace element levels. The testing and inspection of raw materials is performed by an external independent laboratory. Tolerances levels of +/- 2.5% will apply to dimensions shown in the data sheet that you can download at the bottom of this page.

ICS supply several standard size pouring cups but if we don’t have a pouring cup to meet your requirements, we can develop custom tooling that allows us to produce your exact requirements, depending on the annual requirement it is often possible for ICS to cover the cost of new tooling.

Pouring Cups from Investment Casting Supplies are characterised by these properties:

  • High mechanical resistance and dimensional accuracy
  • Smooth working surface offers protection from metal erosion
  • High chemical purity of raw materials used in the process of manufacturing