Ceramic Pouring Cups

Our ceramic pouring cups are often the cup of choice for many investment casting organisations.

Our pouring cups are available in several materials including high grade mullite, alumina and fused silica.
Pouring cups supplied by Investment Casting Supplies are monitored for dimensional control, surface finish and trace element levels. The testing and inspection of raw materials is performed by an external independent laboratory.

There are several standard pouring cup dimensions to choose from including pouring cups with pressed grooves for improved shell material adhesion. We also supply filter ready pouring cups that are designed to incorporate ceramic foam, pressed or 3D printed ceramic filters.

As well as our standard range of pouring cups we can also produce bespoke pouring cup shapes and dimensions in accordance with your exact requirements.

Pouring Cups from Investment Casting Supplies are delivering the following benefits for our customers:

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Ceramic Filter Ready
  • Smooth working surfaces
  • High chemical purity of raw materials
  • Reduced mould inclusions

Technical Specification

Why not take a look at our range of corresponding pouring cup products including, filters, ceramic rods, and ceramic cover plates?

Material CompositionPFS01PCAPCM
Trace ElementsPFS01PCAPCM
Bismuth (ppm)< 1< 1< 5
Lead (ppm)< 25< 5< 10
Iron (ppm)< 100
Silver (ppm)< 25
Max Operating Temperature (°C)160018501670