Fire Bricks


Our silica insulating fire bricks are some of the best on the market, demonstrated by density up to 0.6 g/cm3. High performance under load, acid-resistant and low slag erosion, excellent high temperature mechanical strength and low thermal conductivity. 


Our anorthite thermal bricks are made by blending clay and plaster, when fired, the lime from the plaster reacts with the clay to form anorthite, the plaster decomposes, losing about 70% of its weight, leaving micro porosity and very low thermal conductivity of finished brick.

Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty thermal bricks are manufactured using a high purity grade material with good performance under load. They are high in tridymite content, display high density, low thermal expansion and low creep rate.


Our alumina fire bricks are manufactured from high purity bubble alumina. The finished product possesses a large volume of closed pores. Our alumina fire bricks are light weight with excellent high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, high strength, low re-heating linear change and good thermal shock resistance

Silicon Carbide

Our silicon carbide fire bricks demonstrate high thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance a low thermal expansion coefficient, high corrosion resistance, high bending strength and excellent resistance to liquid aluminium erosion.


Our chrome fire bricks are manufactured using chromium oxide, alumina and other additives based on the target application. Our chrome fire bricks are sintered in a high temperature shuttle kiln. Chromium fire bricks are highly corrosion resistant critical for acidic or alkali melts.


Our corundum fire bricks are made using high purity tabular alumina and fused alumina. Corundum fire bricks deliver excellent performance in density, purity, porosity, and thermal shock resistance. Our corundum bricks are designed to withstand corrosion attacks and high temperature hydrogen attacks.


Our mullite fire bricks are bonded refractory bricks containing a crystal structure of a mullite phase, glass phase and a corundum phase achieved through high temperature sintering. Mullite fire bricks deliver high refractoriness under load, good thermal shock resistance, good erosion resistance and a low level of creep.


Our sillimanite fire bricks deliver excellent performance characteristics in areas such as refractoriness under load, thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and low levels of creep. Sillimanite fire bricks are commonly used within glass furnaces, regenerators, blast stoves and blast furnaces.

HJM Series

Our HJM range of insulating fire bricks are widely used in a number of heat treatment applications, this is largely due to the performance characteristics  of the material including low density, high porosity, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation and impressive compression strength.

Magnesia Carbon

Our magnesia carbon bricks are a basic refractory material made from graphite and Periclase. These bricks deliver excellent high temperature resistance, slag resistance, and excellent thermal shock stability. Magnesia carbon bricks are often used in converters and refining ladles.


Magnesium bricks supplied by Investment Casting Supplies are manufactured using periclase and alkaline refractory materials. Our Magnesium bricks deliver outstanding performance in areas including refractoriness under load, high temperature strength and corrosion resistance. Magnesium bricks are often used within EAF, converters, metallurgy, mixing furnaces and high temperature tunnel kilns.