Foundry Ceramics

We supply a vast range of foundry ceramics including: Ceramic Bars, Tubes, Fittings, Bleeder Plugs, Extruded Rods, Ingates and Ladle Nozzles. 

As well as our standard range of products we can also manufacture products to meet your bespoke requirements

Ceramic Fittings

ICS Ceramic fittings are single piece units of the highest quality designed for erosion and spall resistance.  Ceramic fittings are available in standard elbow, tee and cross geometries as well as  custom configurations.

Ceramic Tubes

Our ceramic tubes are manufactured from materials that are white in appearance and free of iron sulphide. We offer standard sizes in lengths up to 304 mm, anything larger than this is available upon request.

Ceramic Ingates

Our casting ingates are designed to reduce erosion on the surfaces of cores and moulds by allowing the metal to calmly feed into the mould, reducing turbulence.

Extruded Rods

Our extruded ceramic rods are available in several geometries. All rods can be either solid or hollow and outer diameters can be precision ground to tolerances of +/- 0.02mm.

Strainer Cores

Our strainer cores are manufactured from high grade Mullite material and due to their thermal properties can be used for Steel, Grey Iron and Ductile Iron.