Mould Support Rods

Mould support rods are designed to add strength to areas of the ceramic shell where additional support is necessary. Support rods are often used as a support mechanism for wax clusters and investmentcast shell systems.

We supply several sizes of mould support rods as standard, but we
also offer several customization options.

Available Materials

  • Mullite – Excellent mechanical strength properties, excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • Alumina – Optimised for high temperature exposure with very high mechanical strength ideal for silica sensitive alloys
  • Fused Silica – Optimised for high temperature exposure and very high mechanical strength

Standard Sizes

(custom sizes are available on request)

Part ReferenceDimensions
MS01  8 x 100 mm
MS02  12 x 100mm
MS03  14 x 100mm
MS04  16 x 100mm
MS05 18 x 100mm
MS06  20 x 100mm
MS07  25 x 100mm