Powder Metallurgy Solutions

Investment Casting Supplies Ltd offers materials suitable for any powder metallurgy technology used for a wide range of applications

Advanced materials developed for:

  • Higher density parts
  • Improved production efficiencies
  • Increasesd Part-to-part consistency
  • Better dimensional control
  • High temperautre strength

Power Metallurgy Solutions from ICS

Research and Development

A continuous research approach and an innovative mindset allows us to be trend setter in the dynamic and evolving additive manufacturing market.

Continuous Improvement

A high level of knowledge sharing and cutting-edge laboratory services allows us to constantly evolve our products and market offering

Customised Materials

A willingness to cooperate with customers in developing tailor made powders for improved performance for our customers.


Deep metallurgical knowledge in managing metal alloys and the knowledge to manage, control and produce high quality metal powders.


Cutting-edge technology that allows us to achieve the highest performance in every step of the manufacturing and development process.


We are a dynamic organisation with a deep understanding of the flexibility and  versatility needed to make a real difference to our customers.

Powder Metallurgy Applications



Metal Injection Moulding

Additive Manufacturing



Available Powder Grades

Product ReferenceBase MaterialCharacteristics
AM – 17 – 4 – PHStainless SteelHigh Strength
AM – 316LLow Carbon Stainless SteelHigh Corrosion Resistance
AM – M300Maraging SteelHigh Tensile Strength
AM – H – 13Tool SteelHigh Wear Resistance
AM – 718Nickel ChromiumExcellent Mechanical Properties
AM – 625Nickel ChromiumExcellent Mechanical Properties
AM – X2NickelHigh Temperature Strength
AM – 75Cobalt – Chromium – TungstenHigh Wear Resistance
AM – 06CobaltHigh Corrosion Resistance

As well as our standard range of materials we also posses the capability to develop tailored made alloys with particle sizes dedicated to a specific application or customer requirement.