Premixed Ceramic Core Materials

Our range of premixed ceramic core materials are suitable for Equiax, Directional Solidification, Single Crystal, Aluminum and Titanium casting processes. 

All pre-mixed ceramic core materials can be added straight to your injection moulding machine, no blending or mixing is required. 

Our portfolio of materials includes those suitable for Equiax, Directional Solidification, Single Crystal, Aluminium and Titanium casting processes.

Premixed Ceramic Core Material Product Range

Product ReferenceCasting ProcessCore SizeCore ComplexitySuitable Metals
ICSPM01EquiaxAnySimpleSteel and Superalloys
ICSPM02Equiax and Directional SolidificationAnyMediumSteel and Superalloys
ICSPM03Single CrystalSmall and MediumMedium to ComplexSteel and Superalloys
ICSPM04Single Crystal and Directional Solidification LargeMedium to ComplexSteel and Superalloys
ICSPM05AluminumAny AnyAluminum
ICSPM07Single Crystal, Directional Solidification and EquiaxAnyAnyReactive Steels and Superalloys

Test bars, material samples and technical data sheets are available on request