Refractory Repair Materials

Refractory Mouldables, Rigidizer and Coatings

ICS supply a range of Refractory Mouldables, Fillers, Coating masses and hardeners that have been developed for industrial applications. 

We supply various types of insulating materials and lightweight refractory insulation systems. 

They are asbestos free and used for high temperature industrial thermal processes and applications.

ProductApplicationSupply Format
Mastic– Repairing of refractory linings
– Fire bricks and concrete
– Sealing and insulation of geometric shapes
– Heat protection of metal parts
Cartridges of 500g and pails of 6kg and 25kg
Fillers– Repairing of cracks and joints in fibre linings
– Repairing of refractory back up insulations
– Repairing furnace doors and frames
Cartridges of 350g and pails of 5kg and 20kg
Rigidizer– Treatment of blanket, board, and papers
– Increases flame resistance and abrasion
– Increases abrasion resistance
– Repairs permeability of molten metals
Pails of 5l and 20l
Coatings– Coatings of moulds
– Corrosion resistance for aluminium dip tubes
– Protection from flame, gas, and liquid impact
– Adhesive for ceramic parts and heat shields
Pails of 5l and 20l

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