Wax Injection and Assembly

Wax Injection and Assembly

Investment Casting Supplies has the capability to supply a broad range of wax injected runners, patterns and complete wax clusters.

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facility, with a range of injection machines covering 35-100 tons.

Dedicated production cells are available for customers seeking complete privacy and design protection.

Wax Injection and Assembly Capability

Tooling Supply

ICS can design and supply a range of wax runner and pattern tools in line with your requirements.  We supply tooling for basic wax patterns right through to multi stage vane segments.

Ceramic Core Sourcing

We source ceramic cores from a number of sources based on several elements including product complexity, material, price and lead-time. 

Ceramic Core Preperation

We complete a range of ceramic core preparation services in-house including core butter waxing and chaplet application.

Wax Injection

To produce wax patterns and runners a number of only best technology is used including injection machines manufactured by global names including MPI.

Soluble Wax Injection

We supply a number of soluble wax patterns, equipment is dedicated to the production of soluble wax patterns to avoid lengthly material change overs and clean downs.

Wax Assembly

There is significant  capacity available to our customers with multiple assembly stations complete with gas and electric soldering tools. 


All wax injected patterns can be inspected using various techniques and equipment including CMM,  X-ray and Ultrasonic wall thickness equipment.  

Global Delivery

All wax patterns and wax clusters are delivered using temperature controlled transport and bespoke packaging shapes and assembly trolleys where required.