SoftCAST Casting Simulation Software

A multi award-winning software, SoftCAST™ is a metal casting simulation software for foundries. 

SoftCAST allows engineers to simulate casting behaviour during manufacture. It predicts potential defects and quality issues. The design modules in SoftCAST™ facilitate easy development of both new products and processes and optimisation of existing products and processes.

SoftCAST allows designers, product and process engineers to run a complete simulation of the casting process and create prototype parts in a virtual world.

Simulate the Complete Casting Process for Defect-free Parts Every Time

Key Features

1. Complete System: SoftCAST™ casting simulation software contains all the simulation software and Method Design Modules required by a foundry to perform casting and method simulations to design and develop methods, to improve Quality and Yield.

2. Unique Modules: Apart from the above modules, SoftCAST™ incorporates several unique modules. [contact us for more details]

3. Speed, Accuracy: SoftCAST™ is extremely fast (possibly the fastest system today), which means more simulations in a given time period. At the same time, accuracy is not sacrificed!

4. Data requirements: Less requirements than most systems that require lots of extensive data to run simulations.

Key benefits for the foundry

1. Reduction in total time to develop and establish a method. Quick and easy method development using our casting simulation software means shorter lead-times.

2. Minimisation of shop-floor trials, initially, leading on to their elimination in due course.

3. Elimination or reduction of defects, rejections, rework and repair using our simulation software.

4. Yield improvement & method optimization

5. Savings in Material, Energy & Labour; Reduced Carbon Footprint.

6. Consistency in method leading to a reduction of variation.

7. Improved credibility with your customers. 

8. Improved knowledge/skill level of your engineering team.

What support do we provide?

1. The casting simulation software package comes in either DVD or USB format with a manual, warranty certificate, this  is delivered directly to you.

2. We can provide initial operator and technical support staff training after the installation has taken place, you also receive a years worth of support from the date of purchase.

3. The duration of the training is normally 2 weeks consisting of half a day per day for online training or 1 week for onsite training. 

4 .Support for the first year covers online support on a needs basis, and methoding support for up to 3 problematic castings.